Let's keep the challenge going

Last summer, I had a great time hosting my Summer Reading Challenge. We had over 1000 students complete it and show up to Cal’s opening game. One of the best parts of hosting the challenge was hearing stories of kids who found a passion for reading and went back to school with an improved reading level. Right now, I’m exploring the idea of continuing the Summer Reading Challenge. I would like to hear your feedback. If you have any suggestions or ideas for how the challenge could be made better, please send me an email. If you want to share stories about the challenge or its impact on your student, I would love to hear that too!

One of my goals is to open up the challenge to more schools in underprivileged areas. While the challenge was open to everyone, I failed to get a significant number of kids from underprivileged schools to complete the challenge and make it to the game. I’d like to do more outreach and provide transportation to make it easier for them and their families.

I look forward to hearing what you think!