A lesson from Teddy

I recently finished Edmund Morris’s The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt. There are plenty of lessons to learn from Roosevelt’s life but one struck me in particular. He was extremely curious. He was a sickly child and his curiosity for the natural world must have, in part, stemmed from his inability to explore it. When he wasn’t sick, he was outside studying nature. When he was nine years old, he titled a notebook "Natural History on Insects” and filled it with his observations on ants, beetles, flies and other insects.

This curiosity coupled with journaling reminded me of Jack from The Magic Treehouse series. This was my favorite series when I was nine years old. Reflecting on it now, Jack inspired me to be curious. He always takes a notepad on his journeys. Whenever he observes something interesting, he writes it down. I carry a Moleskine journal and do the same thing today.

Every kid is curious about something. Facilitating their curiosities can go a long way and reading fostered mine. What else works?