Dressed For Success - Inside the Lair Feature


Last season I had the chance to surprise a young fan (who shares my first name!) that dressed up as me for Halloween. CalBears.com wrote a feature on the story that you can read here. It doesn't mention it in the feature but I had met Patrick earlier in the season before one of our games. He was on the sideline with his dad and they came up to me in between drills during warmups to say hello. Patrick turned around and showed me he was wearing his Cal jersey with the #28 on the back! At that moment, I realized the opportunity I have to make a positive impact on anyone that looks up to me. I had no idea Patrick and I would cross paths again. I'm happy a teacher at the school was able to connect with me and let me know about Patrick's plan. It was a surreal experience for myself and something I'll never forget.

Dressed For Success - Inside the Laird